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Author Spotlight: Someday, Somewhere by Lindsay Champion + Interview

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Lindsay Champion is a YA author living in the best place on earth, New York City. She is a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, where she spent most of her time doing high kicks and eating falafel. After a stint as a closed caption writer, she served as the Features Editor at, where she somehow managed to interview her celebrity crushes Paul Rudd, Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal without fainting or peeing her pants. She's an editorial director for the digital media company PureWow, where she sits in an extremely tall building and eats snacks. SOMEDAY, SOMEWHERE is her first novel.

Title: Someday, Somewhere
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary
Author: Lindsay Champion
Publisher: KCP Loft
Publication: April 3rd 2018
Cover Rating: 5/5
Reading format: Provided ARC

Someday, Somewhere, a debut novel, by Lindsay Champion is the story of Ben and Dom. This book contains a lot of tropes and things most people, including me, don't like in a contemporary story. Examples being; lying, insta-love and building a relationship based off of almost nothing. But somehow this author makes it work and I found myself really into the story.

Dom is a junior at a school in Jersey. Her class goes on a trip to Carnegie Hall in New York City and there, she sees this stunning guy that she instantly falls for. Love at first sight? Yes. Love at first string? Also, yes. Dom falls for this guy because of his looks and his amazing ability to play the violin. Now that Dom has seen her soulmate, she has to figure out how to meet him and see where things could go. But that will be kind of hard when it costs nearly $20 to go back and forth to NYC every day and her and her mother can barely make ends meet.

Ben has a very obsessive personality which tends to become unhealthy. Normally his obsession only gravitates towards his violin playing but when he meets Dom, he can't stop thinking about her. The book is told from both characters POV's and while I really loved both characters I think I enjoyed Ben's side a little bit more. I always end up liking the troubled character the best. I also really liked how the book felt like a piece of Ben's work. Everything was paced well then it started speeding up the closer we got to the finish. 

The authors writing in this book just draws you in. Even if you hate insta-love or dislike books about music, this book will win you over. But this book is about so much more than those things. There is a pretty prominent mental illness subject. There is a lot of lying. This book pretty much is meant, to me at least, to teach a lesson. Each person will form their own opinion and get their own lesson from this book but what this book has taught me is be careful who you fall in love with.

In the end, this was such a great book and had a lot of depth that I wasn't expecting. I was expecting this cutesy romance story but it had so much more to it. Lindsay Champion has one hell of a debut novel on her hands.

Overall, I gave the book 4.5/5 stars.

1) Have you always wanted to be an author?
I've always been equally obsessed with writing, theater and music - there's something so compelling about the way these works of art are created out of thin air. When I got into NYU's drama program, I took it as a sign that theater was what I was supposed to be doing, but after about two years of watching geniuses like Lady Gaga and Donald Glover do their thing (yep, they were both in my graduating class), I realized writing was a much better fit for me. So I submitted a short story to an advanced fiction class, was accepted, and have been writing ever since.

2) If you had to pitch Someday, Somewhere to a potential buyer at a bookstore and the buyer didn't know you were the author, what would you say?
Psst. Hey, you. Yes, you, holding All the Bright Places, When We Collided and The Sun Is Also a Star. If you're into music and love stories and New York City, you should probably pick up Someday, Somewhere, too.

3) Where did the inspiration for Someday, Somewhere come from?

Child prodigies have always fascinated me. Where does their incredible talent and skill come from, and what happens to it when they get older? So the book started with the character of Ben, a violin prodigy who is grappling with the darker sides of his gift. I listened to a lot of classical music while researching and writing, and when I stumbled on Beethoven's Kreutzer sonata, I realized it captured so much of the energy of Ben's story. As I began to structure the story around the sonata (three movements, two alternating instruments), the puzzle pieces started fitting together.

4) If you could only eat 1 food for the rest of your life what would you pick and why?

Pizza. Hands down, no contest.

5) Are you currently working on any new books?
Yes! I can't reveal much about it yet, but I love writing about love and New York City, so it's pretty safe to say my next book will be full of more of that stuff.


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