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Gloom and doom

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It has been sooo gloomy and rainy and foggy and just plain icky here, so pretty much, I haven't felt like doing squat. I finished Something Like Fate a while ago and after that I fell inlove with Susane Colasanti so I tracked down almost all of the rest of her books. I have also completed reading Keep Holding On. The books are extremely touching and the author really knows how to hit home with young adults. But before I continue I would like to tell you guys about the site where I get most of my books from. It's called PaperBackSwap. I will post a link to join/check it out at the end of this post. I get a book credit for every person that joins so if you join please used my name as the person who invited you(DarkWiccanVampriss). The site is amazingly wonderful. I've gotten over 150 books from there. And it only costs about $2.47 per book. So please go check it out. Anyways, back to the books. 

Something Like Fate
Susane Colasanti

What would you do if you fell inlove with your best friends boyfriend? What would you do if he felt that same way? Eric and Lani are best friends. They are connected by a bond that is pretty much unbreakable, the bond was caused by an accident when they were young. But what happens when fate comes along and tries to test that bond? Jason is a nice enough guy, and when Erin starts to date him, Lani thinks he is perfect for her best friend. Until Lani starts getting to know Jason a little better. Erin and Lani are really into astrology, tarot, and things like fate. All signs are pointing and all roads are leading Lani to believe that Jason is actually HER soul mate. But added to the loop is Lani's OTHER best friend, super sweet and still in the closet, Blake. Blake tells Lani that you can't help who you love. When Erin goes off to a summer camp that is when everything gets better and worse. Jason breaks up with Erin in a letter, Lani and Jason start "dating" and it all seems to be going well. Then Lani remembers that school starts up soon and they will have to tell Erin about their relationship. Jason wants to tell Erin in person but she wont see him so instead he E-mails her. Erin sends the email to the entire school, pinning Lani as the boyfriend stealing whore. Lani and Jasons relationship is pretty much over and Lani will do whatever it takes to get Erin back. But this isn't the only problem. Someone has spray painted HOMO on Blakes locker and now the entire school knows. Not on that, but the principle calls Blakes dad and outs him to his father as well. Blake and his dad get into a huge fight and Blake gets kicked out. Childrens services step in and Blake is sent to live with his uncle. His father comes to visit and Blake finally stands up for himself. In the end, Erin comes to her senses and tells Lani to go for Jason, she doesn't want to be responsible for keeping them apart if they really are soul mates.

I completely enjoyed this book. After reading this book I couldn't stop myself from going out to all my local libraries and finding all the other books that Susane Colasanti had available. Her books are very close to the heart of what teenagers really go through. I connected with the characters very well. I cried when the situations got too intense and I laughed when I couldn't control it. I give this book 4.5/5 stars.

The cover is cute but it gives the wrong impression of the book. Erin and Jason were already broke up before Lani and Jason really got too involved. The cover portrays betrayal and cheating and that isn't what the book was about.

Keep Holding On
Susane Colasanti

This book was really touching to me. It made me realize that for being overweight, I could have had a must worse high school experience. The school I went to must have been different. I've never seen any of this terrible bullying.

Noelle Wexler is a normal 16 year old girl. But she isn't treated like one. Her mother neglects her and blames everything on her. She's dating a guy who won't even admit they are together. And she's pining for a guy who actually likes her back, but she doesn't think she deserves him. This is a touching story of being bullied in high school and finally finding the courage to stand up for yourself and others who haven't yet found that courage. The characters are very real and the story is heart wrenching. You'll find yourself rooting for the main character.

I'm not going to write a synopsis for this one because I don't want to give too much away. But this book was AMAZING. It actually made me cry.

I think its very appropriate for the contents of the book. I like the fact that the cover has real people on it. The books are so real so I would only expect the cover to reflect that.

Currently Reading:
Shade - Jeri Smith-Ready
This book is actually very interesting to me not only because of the content of the book but also because it is not only based in Maryland but the author herself is from Maryland. It's actually interesting to see road names and towns and know exactly where they are. It gives me a warm feeling inside LOL! This book is part of a series. I have the second book but the third one won't be out until next year =(. Well I will let you guys know how the first and second books are.

I am getting a new phone on Saturday! WHOOHOO! I cannot wait! I have this old crappy keyboard phone so this is exciting because I'm getting an Android and I've never had a smart phone. My fiance has one though and I love playing with it. I'm buying the phone off of a girl and I'm meeting her at my favorite used book store, Ukazoo. So maybe I will find another bookmark or some books I've been wanting to read. Well, anyways, Happy Holidays everyone! I'm praying for lots of snow =D.

Here is my wishlisted books I would really like to get some new reading material for summer break =)

AND...Here is the link to PaperBackSwap! I loooove this site! It's free to join and if you are a book love then please try it out!
Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.

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