Sunday, January 3, 2021

10 Series I want to read in 2021

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Let's be honest, I have a TON of finished series on my shelves that I always want to start but I just never pick up for one reason or another. 

I will make separate posts if I finish a series from this list. The post will be a 10 series update post and I will say what I finished and my thoughts on the series as a whole. If I finish all the series by the middle of the year I will make a second list possibly. At the end of the year, I will make a full update post with links to each separate reading if I finished the series.

I have read ALL of Victoria's books except this series and then the Vicious duology(I want to read that one this year, too). This reading will also, hopefully, include the graphic novels if my libraries app still has them by the time I read this.

Every time I see this series on Instagram(believe me it's multiple times a day) I feel so guilty for not having read it but having owned it for years. Soooo. I guess it's time to stop that guilt. If I enjoy this series then I will continue on with the Six of Crows and King of Scars duologies.

This author is SUPER talented and I have been dying to read her books but for some reason I just haven't taken the dive. I have about 15 candles and some shelf ornaments for these books but nope, still haven't read them. Welp, time to change that!

In 2020 I read the Strange the Dreamer duology and while it wasn't my favorite read it wasn't bad so I figured it was time to read this trilogy so I can see if I enjoy this one better.

I read Illuminae a few years ago and LOVED it so I have no idea why I didn't continue with the trilogy but this year I WILL DO THE DAMN THING!

This is another case of I read the first book years ago and sadly never continued the series even though I enjoyed the first book. Since the last book was just published I decided now is the time to finish this series.

I have been wanting to read this trilogy for EVER. I feel like 2020 was the year I just read random, quick books or standalones so I am using that as the excuse as to why I didn't pick the trilogy up when the final book came out.

This. Series. This. DAMN. Series. I have been dying to pick it up but I was afraid I would adore it and suffer because all the books weren't out but I am finally giving in. The last book may or may not come out in 2021 but I can't keep waiting to devour these monsters.

This series has been on my TBR for EVER which is pretty bad considering when you look at Goodreads and see the "similar suggestions" I have read pretty much every book on that list. Whoops? 

And my final series for this list is... these beautiful books. The covers are amazing but I have heard nothing but good things about what's inside.

Sooo.... this is my list. What do you guys think? I hope 2021 is an amazing reading year for not only myself but for you all as well! Good luck with your goals and may the odds be ever in your favor -bows-.

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