Tuesday, March 8, 2016


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Hey guys. You might have noticed that I haven't exactly been posting a lot lately. Well, that's because of a bunch of things. My health sucks, my cobloggers are each going through their own issues and I am currently working on rebuilding my book collection. (If you wish to donate(books or money) to my rebuilding fund please let me know). So I haven't exactly had the time to sit down and do all of my reviews. If I owe you an author spotlight, have no fear, it will get done. I am just trying to handle a lot of difficult things right now. I am taking care of my dad, trying to find a second job, even though just having one job kills me, health wise, and I am just trying to cope with all of this. I am actually reading more than I ever have but after I finish one book I immediately pick up another and don't sit down to write my reviews like I used to. I am currently in the middle of reading Cassandra Clares books. I am on Clockwork Prince. I am just struggling with so much on my plate that it's hard to function somedays. So I am sorry I keep disappearing. I hope someday I will be able to have an entire year without vanishing. But, until then, thank you guys for reading my reviews and being here for me.


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Release Day Review: You Were Here by Cori McCarthy - AKA go buy this book right now

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Title: You Were Here
Author: Cori McCarthy
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Publication: March 1st 2016
Cover Rating: 5/5

If I had to describe You Were Here in one word that word would be INTENSE. There are so many point of views, emotions and family issues. I seriously loved this book. I bought it because the cover is amazing and after reading the synopsis I didn't think it would enjoy it that much but I was extremely wrong. The book is told from five point of views and it's actually extremely unique. Normally I dislike books with multiple voices but I really enjoyed it here. There are normal chapters then we have views from comic strips and views from artistic doings.

Jaycee was a time bomb. She was living her life as if she were her dead brother. Filling in the void he left her with. She didn't know how to let people in and her wit, and brutal honesty kept people at a distance. 

Mik was probably my favorite. I think he will be pretty much everyone's favorite after they read this book. He never gave up on Jaycee and that is a very admirable quality. 

Natalie and Zach were kind of annoying but they both had their endearing qualities. I liked how the book ended for them. The used each other as a crutch. I think everyone was using someone else for something in this book. 

Bishop was pretty much the only character I didn't get to know. There wasn't must dialog with him and his portion of the book was told through pictures of art he did. I also would have loved to know more about Marrakesh and Bishops relationship. There wasn't much background on that.

This entire book shows what grief and secrets can do to people. This group of friends almost lost each other but in the end honesty and love prevailed. It also shows just how many people are touched by a tragic event. Not just family but friends and even acquaintances can be damaged by witnessing something horrible.

I can't put into words just how much I loved this book. There are no words for how I feel right now. I laughed, teared up, got mad at certain characters and loved every moment of it. There is so much more to this book that what I put in this review. Some things I can't say due to spoilers and other things I can't find the words for. But one big thing in this book is family. Most of the families are horrible. I admit Jaycee's father was probably the best parent and that isn't saying much.

Overall, I gave this book 5/5 stars.

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