Thursday, July 10, 2014

SERIES REVIEW: William Shakespeare's Star Wars by Ian Doescher

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Book #1 - Verily, A New Hope

Book #2 - The Empire Striketh Back

Book #3 - The Jedi Doth Return

Just when you thought Star Wars couldn't get any better! Quirk Books goes and surprises us all with a redo that has a Shakespearian twist. Talk about clash of the centuries. But somehow it works out well and makes a wonderful theatrical performance type atmosphere.

I have never really understood much of Star Wars. I liked what I did understand but most of the story was lost on me. My husband would sit down and tell me everything he knew from the movies and the books but it just never interested me. But after reading these I can say that I have a better grasp on the plot line. I can talk to my husband about Star Wars without him getting frustrated. I know Shakespeare Star Wars isn't exactly the same but I feel more informed having read these three books/plays.

After receiving all three books I decided to reread them all together. My husband even read them and he isn't big on reading.  He thought the books were funny and the Shakespeare twist made them seem like and entirely new era in Star Wars.

Personally, I would love to see these books acted out on YouTube. They are written perfectly for little skits to be done. Just need to find someone that looks like Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory to play C3PO.

I would urge anyone who has a Star Wars lover in their life to try these books out. Especially if you, personally, don't like or understand the fandom. These books will open up your eyes and hopefully change your opinion and understanding of Star Wars as a whole.

Overall, I truly enjoyed this little series. It shortened the real books and put the story into a perspective that other would understand better. I think these books can bring Star Wars into the lives of many people who never would have read or watched the movies otherwise. I gave the series 4/5 stars.


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