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Review: What We Knew by Barbara Stewart

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Title: What We Knew
Author: Barbara Stewart
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Publication: July 14th 2015
Cover Rating: 3/5
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When I was offered a chance to review What We Knew I had to say yet. I disliked Barbara Stewart's other book, The In-Between, very much but I wanted to give her another try since that was her first book, I believe.

Sadly, I disliked this book as well. I wanted to like it so much but that just didn't happen.

The characters fell flat and the world building and events were just weird. The writing is hard to follow some times and the overall story just wasn't presented in a way that appealed to me. 

The book was supposed to be scary. Some sort of psychological thriller, just like her first book, but it wasn't scary or very thrilling. The pacing was wrong. It felt like the book was dragging on and on at most parts. The girls, although, yes, they are teenagers, felt very immature.

I actually ended up skim reading the last 75 or so pages and that is pretty terrible considering the book isn't that long. The author and her books just aren't for me. The ideas behind her books always sound so thrilling but her writing style just doesn't do it for me. So, sadly, I will be putting this author on my Do Not Read list. 

Overall, I gave the book 2/5 stars.


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