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Author Spotlight: There's Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins - 1 star

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Hi, there! I'm Steph, and I wrote Anna and the French Kiss, Lola and the Boy Next Door, and Isla and the Happily Ever After. I also edited (and contributed a short story to) a romantic holiday anthology called My True Love Gave to Me and its companion anthology, Summer Days and Summer Nights. My next YA release is a horror novel called There's Someone Inside Your House, which will be released Fall 2017.

Title: There's Someone Inside Your House 
Genre: YA Contemporary Thriller-ish with High School setting
Author: Stephanie Perkins
Publisher: Dutton
Publication: September 26th 2017
Cover Rating: 5/5

There's Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins was one of my top 10 most anticipated book releases for 2017. It was supposed to be this really awesome thriller/horror story and I was SO ready for it. Sadly, I was greatly let down by every. single. part. of this book. What happens when a super fluffy, Young Adult Romance author tries to write a thriller/horror book? Well, that part is scarier than the actual book.

Our main character is Makani, the new girl in town. She was sent to live with her grandmother to 'help her out' but in reality she was sent to live there because she did some stupid, super teen-angst filled, thing that got her in a lot of trouble. She has settled well into her new life. Then the murders start. And this little girl thinks everything is about her and her past. She also has the audacity to start a VERY sexual relationship in the middle of all of this chaos. Big let down is the understatement of the year.

The overall plot and romance aspects of this book were beyond pointless and frustrating. The murderer's reason behind killing people? SO STUPID. The loner/rebel dude ending up with the 'new' girl with a shady past? UGH!!! Is there a stronger word than cliche? The shady past of the new girl? WTF even was that? The only part I even remotely liked was the grandmother and MAYBE the best friends. They were kind of fun.

All in all, the author needs to stick to writing her romance stories. This book could have been good but the fact that I feel it was a rip off of the movie Scream AND the annoying romance really KILLED it for me. I will still read the author if she goes back to fluffy books but never again will I make this mistake.

Overall, I gave the book 1/5 stars.


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