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REVIEW: Finale by Stephanie Garber - 5 stars

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Title: Finale
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Author: Stephanie Garber
Publisher: Flatiron
Publication: May 7th 2019
Cover Rating: 5/5
Reading Format: Owned Hardback
Finale by Stephanie Garber is the, well, FINALE to the Caraval trilogy. (see what I did there?) In this book, we get to continue on where Legendary left off. The girls, Scarlett and Donatella, are now part of Legends crew and they are on their way to perform a special Caraval for someone of great importance. But something about this Caraval is different. Something is... sinister. And more than usual is at stake. Can Scarlett and Donatella make it out alive?

I want to first start off by saying that when I read the previous book, Legendary, I greatly disliked reading from Donatella's point of view. Luckily, with rereading Legendary in preparation for Finale, my view on her changed and I started to enjoy her character more. That being said, Finale would have been a difficult book if I still didn't care for Tella, but like I said, luckily that changed and this book was FANTASTIC.

This book was fantastic. This book series is brilliant. I always kind of knew who Legend was but that really didn't spoil much for me. I was so torn with this book though because I really liked Jacks, even though he was technically supposed to be evil and he was one of the Fates, I still really liked him. Everyone kind of had their own agenda during this book so you can't really hold anyone accountable for how they acted in the end.

If I had to sum this book up in one word the word would be staggering. There is so much that gets thrown at our characters and the world is so beautifully constructed that it is hard not to get pulled into the magic of Caraval.

Can we talk about the romance in these books?! I can't believe it took me till the end of this book to realize that this was, at its heart, a love story. A love story like no other. So much was sacrificed and bargained with all in the name of LOVE.

In the end, this was such a bittersweet ending. On one hand, the author did a fantastic job with the completion, on the other hand, WHY DOES IT HAVE TO END?! Thank you, Stephanie Garber, for writing this beautiful story and bringing this world to life to us readers. 

Overall, I gave the book 5/5 stars. 


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