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REVEW: Five Total Strangers by Natalie D. Richards

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Title: Five Total Strangers
Genre: Young Adult Thriller
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Publication: October 6th 2020
Cover Rating: 5/5
Reading Format: Provided ARC

A hitched ride home in a snow storm turns sinister when one of the passengers is plotting for the ride to end in disaster.

When Mira flies home to spend Christmas with her mother in Pittsburgh, a record-breaking blizzard results in a cancelled layover. Desperate to get to her grief-ridden mother in the wake of a family death, Mira hitches a ride with a group of friendly college kids who were on her initial flight.

As the drive progresses and weather conditions become more treacherous, Mira realizes that the four other passengers she's stuck in the car with don't actually know one another.

Soon, they're not just dealing with heavy snowfall and ice-slick roads, but the fact that somebody will stop at nothing to ensure their trip ends in a deadly disaster.

Five Total Strangers by Natalie D. Richards is the story of Mira and her quest to get home to her mother on Christmas so she doesn't have to spend it alone with terrible, haunting memories.

Mira hops on a plane to head home for Christmas to be with her mother but we soon learn that there is a massive blizzard about to hit. Her plane lands but she cannot catch her next one because all flights have been canceled. Great, now how does she get home? She can't imagine leaving her mother alone at a time like this when just last year on Christmas day she and her mother lost someone very precious to them. But what else can she do? Oh, that's right, her awesome seatmate on the plane invited her on a car ride across Pennsylvania, she should probably take her up on that offer, right?


Just Mira and her seatmate, Harper, ends up turning into Mira, Harper, and 3 total strangers. They are all college kids though so Mira thinks she's pretty safe; plus she can't leave her mom alone. She just can't. So five total strangers rent an SUV and set off from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh in hopes of making it home for the holidays.

I'll be home for the holidays...? Not if you are dead, you won't.

I really enjoyed this book. I LOVE snow but driving in it scares the crap out of me. Oh, and guess what? I am VERY familiar with the route these kids take in the book so you better believe I was yelling at them when they decided to switch routes. YOU DON'T TAKE THAT DANG HIGHWAY, GUYS!!!! But did they listen to me? Noooo, of course not. So they end up pretty much stranded in a blizzard in the middle of fricken Pennsyltucky. You might think things couldn't get worse but oh they most certainly do! Things start to go missing, one of the strangers might be a drug addict, one might be a felon and one might be Mira's stalker, the stalker Mira doesn't know she has.

In the end, this story really freaked me out. The snow, the location, and me being very well acquainted with it and just the overall atmosphere of the book is the perfect recipe for thrills and chills. And at the end of the book, the only advice I can give anyone is TRUST YOUR GUT!

Overall, I gave the book 4.5/5 stars.


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