Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Monthly Mash-Up[1]

Posted by HelloJennyReviews at 4:58 PM
I am trying to go places with my blog. I sat down and really thought about what kind of future I would like for my blog so I have come up with a few ideas of monthly things to post about so that I am not so boring. So, Basically, Monthly Mash-Up will be a monthly post that will be up towards the end of each month. It will consist of my favorite's, randomly pictures of things throughout the month, books and whatever else I come across the I think should make the list. Pretty much... CHAOS! But an organized chaos. So please let me know if you like this idea. Feedback is always welcome! I am also looking for a program or something that I can make banners on. I need a banner for this and 2 other monthly things I want to do. So any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

For some reason I cannot find this video when I try to add it. So here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQzj10DCkWM


I won a.. Kindle!!... Kindle!... OH YEAHHH

 My fiance HATES the Ravens so I went through our old newspapers while he was at work and I made this nice little collage for him. His reaction was priceless.


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