Thursday, October 10, 2013


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Hello everyone! I am sorry I haven't been around much. I have been reading a lot but I just haven't been feeling like posting anything. Between my laptop slowly dying and my desktop being somewhere I just don't feel like sitting I just haven't been productive lately.

I am working on a sort of bookish project that is just something I wanted to do. I have been collecting my data and will probably have an entry up for my bookish thing sometime this month. I know, vague.

Aside from my lack of ambitions I may also be getting a second job as a security guard at my fiances work. It would be from 6pm-12am. So, basically, I would be working from 5am-12am mon-fri. Sounds riveting, does it not? The only plus side to this extra job would be my ability to save uber amount of money. I wouldn't have spare time to go out and spend anything so it would just keep accumulating. I will use this job to buy a new laptop and it will also go towards moving(hopefully) and more books. Plus when I get to move I will be buying entirely new bookshelves from Ikea. I just need help picking black or white. I love white but I'm so conflicted.

I also started writing my own book but, alas, living in this house with the negative vibes and stress from my parents I have become creatively blocked again so the book will have to wait until I move to my own place where everything will be calm and relaxed.

My goal for the month of October, reading wise, is to read and review 8 books. My fiance gave me a challenge to where if I read 20 of the books I own he will take me on a huge book buying spree to all of my favorite places. So I am going to attempt that goal but I won't be reviewing all of those books because a few will be rereads for upcoming movie releases and I probably won't feel like reviewing certain books.

If anyone has a requestions(new word, requests + questions) for me please feel free to ask. If you would like me to read and review and specific books please let me know but keep in mind I do only read YA books and occasionally a New Adult book here and there.


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