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REVIEW: Because I Am Furniture by Thalia Chaltas

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Title: Because I Am Furniture
Author: Thalia Chaltas
Format: Hardback
Source: Library Sale/Bought
Publisher: Viking Juvenile

REVIEW: When I first saw this book I thought "That is a freaking weird name." so I just passed on it and went on to look for other books. But then I saw someone on BookTube do a review for it and I found out the it was a book written in verse about a girl who lives in an abusive family but she is ignored and that sparked my interest. I went back to the used book store I first saw it at and it wasn't there. Two months later I found it at a library book sale.

I really thought I would love this book. I adore almost anything that is written in verse. Sadly, that was not the case.

The characters seemed pretty one dimensional. They weren't very emotional. For a book about sexual and physical abuse I kind of expected more of an emotional impact.

This is one of those verse books where you definitely don't get the full story. The book bounced all over the place and a lot of the time I was pretty confused with what was going on.

One thing that bothers me is when Anke catches her father with Angeline why does she feel sorry for Angeline? With the way Anke acts through-out the book she almost welcomes her fathers abuse ever though he mostly ignored her. I would think Anke would be jealous of Angeline. But then I am also posed with the question, is this the turning moment for Anke? Is this when she finally realized that her dad really hurts people and she doesn't actually want that?

I kind of found the book to be a little on the sick and twisted side. I understand Anke is dying for attention but who the hell would wish to be abused?!

Also, what happened to her father that causes this sudden change? Why is he kissing random women. None of these things are explained and its quite frustrating.

If there would have a been a little more depth to the book then I would have really liked it. But with what I was given I can't help but feel rather neutral about the book. I didn't hate it and I definitely didn't love it.

Overall, this book was lacking and left me needing more than what was provided so I gave the book 3/5 Kitties.


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