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REVIEW: Ink by Amanda Sun

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Title: Ink(Paper Gods, bk 1)
Author: Amanda Sun
Format: ARC paperback
Source: Arcycling
Publisher: Harlequin Teen

REVIEW: I think the book confused me more than anything. All the different words and things I had to look up just to understand what I was reading was slightly frustrating. And what frustrated me even more was the fact that there was a glossary in the back of the book that could have prevented me from having to look everything up.

The parts that I did understand I liked. I will probably re-read this book slowly in the next few months and redo my review for it now that I know how to prepare myself. I hate when I don't finish a book so I read the entire book but I found myself skimming pages just trying to get to parts that I would like and understand.

One thing that greatly confused me was the fact that the main character, Katie, was supposedly speaking Japanese throughout the entire book but everything is mostly in English. It made it very hard to believe she was speaking Japanese. I think the author should have just said that the Japanese people were speaking English.

I did love the imagination it took to write about drawings and art coming to life. The pictures in the book were beautiful and I imagined myself in a world where there was beautifully drawn birds and things just flying around.

The action in the book was pretty good and the romance was a little on the dull side. The characters were well built and the world building was a little iffy to me. The Japanese Mafia thing was definitely weird and a little confusing.

The author is very creative and definitely has a gift for writing but sadly her beautiful work was lost on me. Like I said I will probably go back and re-read this in a few months so then maybe I can understand the book better. I also believe the book is part of a series, the next book is The Paper Gods, so if I enjoy the book the second time around I will probably continue with the series.

Overall, I gave the book 3.5/5 Kitties.


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