Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Word of the Week Wednesday(1)

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I've been pondering different things to do for my blog. Lately I have been so busy with packing and trying to find new jobs and a place that fits all of our needs so I need quick things that I can just post so you guys know that I have not abandoned ship on you. So I have a book that I write down words that I don't know what they mean and I write the definition next to it. Kind of like a personal dictionary reading diary I guess. But I wanted to use that on my blog somehow so my fiance was like what about a work of the week. And I was like OMG Word of the Week Wednesday! So it was a team effort, lol. So from now on, each week, I will be posting a new word. I will put what book it came from and what page as well. I will also try to make it a little entertaining.

Word of the Week #1 - Kerfuffle - Anna Dressed in Blood - Page 17

Meaning - A commotion or fuss, esp. one caused by conflicting views.


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