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Summer of Reviews: Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson

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Title: Since You've Been Gone
Author: Morgan Matson
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication: May 6th 2014
Cover Rating: 4/5

I have only read a short story by Morgan Matson and I loved that, so I was excited to read this. I don’t read many books in the contemporary genre. I have heard great things about this story. 

Emily’s best friend has up and gone without telling her and she is devastated. It was sad because it made me think about how I would feel if that happened to me. 

I was able to connect with Emily because I saw a lot of me in her, either from the past or now. I was in a shadow of a best friend I used to have, so I have been in her place. She doesn’t like to step out of her comfort zone or take risks. Which is me as well. 

Emily’s best friend leaves her a list of things to accomplish, which she wouldn't normally do, but for her best friend, she does them. 

Going through each item on the list changes Emily in a good way. She starts to become brave and take risks. You got to see her become more herself than someone else's shadow. 

I really enjoyed this story. It was a light summer read of a girl discovering who she is, making friendships and having a summer she never imagined she would have, doing things she never imagined she would be doing.

Overall, I gave the book 4.5/5 stars.


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