Monday, September 5, 2016

What I Read This Week: August 29th - September 4th

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Finished 08/29/2016
I requested this book from the publisher and they kindly sent it to me in exchange for my honest review and here it is... I liked this book. It was a bit slow for me and there was a lot of information to take in but after a while I just flew through it. I honestly wasn't sure If I was going to worry about continuing with the series until I read the last sentence and proceeded to yell at the book. I know a lot of people who would love this book and will be recommending it to them but I didn't adore it. I do, however, love the authors writing style and will be following her new books. I might even buy her previous series with the pretty blue covers. We shall see. I will have a full review up the day this book is release(09/06/2016).

Finished 08/30/2016
So far, this is my favorite book. A lot of horrible things happened but I feel like we are finally getting somewhere with the whole Voldemort thing. 


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