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What I Read This Week: August 22nd-28th

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Finished 08//22/2016
I loved this book so much. I did an author spotlight for the author so if you click on the book cover you will be taken to the spotlight. This book is about a teenage girl with depression. It's not one of those adaptations where an author thinks they know what a teen feels and then writes a half-assed book about it. This book is very accurate and relevant to the topic. I found myself really relating to the main character and the way her friends and family treated her because she has depression. Depression tears families apart. It is something that more people need to be educated on. I highly recommend this book to EVERYONE!

Finished 08/25/2016
Out of the 3 Selection books I liked this one the least. It did have a bunch of my favorite moments from the series in it but I really didn't like how it ended and the back and forth between America and Maxon made me want to slap them. Plus there was too much tragedy. This entire series is tragic. Click on the cover to be taken to my full review.

Finished 08/27/2016
I have had a lot of friends tell me this is their favorite book out of the series but, for me, it's either my least favorite or second least favorite. This book was entirely too long and I had a hard time focusing on it because of that. There was a lot of chaos going on and, sadly, besides serving as a bridge book and a book to kill characters in, I felt that it was pointless.

Finished 08/28/2016
Can I just slap Eadlyn? She is such a stuck up brat and I find it hard to believe she is America's kid. Every part of this book was Eadlyn bitching and moaning about having to do this or do that. In the end, she got what she deserved but America didn't deserve what happened. I truly hope the next book is a bit brighter because Kiera Cass is killing off characters in these horribly tragic ways and it's getting annoying, honestly. I will have a full review up soon.


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