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Release Day Review: The Assassin Game by Kirsty McKay

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Title: The Assassin Game
Genre: YA Mystery/Thriller
Author: Kirsty McKay
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Publication: August 2nd 2016
Cover Rating: 4/5
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This book starts out pretty cliche. Private school, mundane girl gets into school because of parents, some weird social clique, etc. I am all about the private school type books. I have always loved them. But sometimes, they get really repetitive.

Cate is just your average girl. I really didn't find anything special about her. Sadly, the most interesting part about her was Vaughan, her childhood friend. And Vaughan is probably why I kept reading the book. Cate was very transparent and manipulative, in my opinion, and she really didn't show much caring towards other people's feelings. Like Daniel, for example. Her "best friend". BUT she did show some good traits when she went to find Marcia to make sure she was okay after the cupcake thing. 

I liked the idea of the school on an island. But locking a bunch of really smart or athletic kids on this one island with no cell phone or constant internet connection? To me, that was just asking for trouble. 

Basically, if you want your mind to be messed with then I would suggest this book to you. And if you think you are like me, and can normally pick out the bad guy really early in the book then I implore you to give this book a try. 

Now, normally, I can guess the how mystery/thriller books will end. I will figure out the killer, or whatever, within a short period of time but this book, nope. There were just way too many possibilities and even when everything is said and done and the bad guy is caught I still felt like that wasn't it. There had to be more. I spend most of the time, when I wasn't able to read, thinking about who the killer could have been. But... can we really call this person a killer? If you read the book you will see why I asked this.

Okay, so reviews are about complete honesty, right? So here goes. This book was slow as crap for the first 100 or so pages. It isn't that big of a book so having to go that far in order to even start being interested in the book was annoying. I did almost give up. BUT the book got a lot better. Sadly, because of the slow and very blah beginning I can't give this book a higher rating but if you can handle a bit of slowness then I suggest you give this book a go. It is a very good murder/mystery book with a pretty good character diversity and a decent plot. Also, if you have ever seen the movie The Skulls I would suggest this book to you. OR if you read this book and enjoyed it I suggest you watch the movie.

Now that it has been a day since I finished this book I can honestly say that I kind of miss it. I miss the characters and the suspense. This is one of those few books that has stuck with me.

Overall, I gave the book 3.5/5 stars.

*DISCLAIMER* I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to the Publisher/Author for allowing me to read and review the book.


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