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PrePub Review: Other Breakable Things by Kelley York + Rowan Altwood - 5 STARS

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Title: Other Breakable Things
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary with Illness
Author: Kelley York + Rowan Altwood
Publisher: EntangledTeen
Publication: April 4th 2017
Cover Rating: 5/5

I sort of feel like anything I say about Other Breakable Things would be a spoiler. It was a very good book and the events were just very unexpected, to me at least. So I am going to try and make this review short and as vague as possible but still good enough that it makes you guys want to read the book!

So we have Evelyn and Luc. They became really close friends right before Evelyn had to move to Arizona for her mothers new boyfriend. I will take about Evelyn's mother in the next paragraph. Then, Evelyn comes back three years later. And in those three years, Luc has pretty much stopped keeping in contact with Evelyn. So, Evelyn goes over to Luc's house and leaves a familiar gesture on his porch so he would know she was back and thus begins this extremely beautiful and sad journey of love, pain, hate, agony, happiness and death.

I know what you are thinking and, YES, Evelyn's mother is such a horrible person that she deserves her own paragraph. This woman... Men matter to her more than her own damn daughter. She uproots Evelyn at every chance she got just to be with a guy that never lasts long OR a guy that ends up doing something this woman will live to regret.

Luc was a very touch and go character for me. One minute I thought he was sweet and the next minute I wanted to slap him. He didn't seem to understand that pushing people away so they don't get hurt if he dies isn't exactly how life works out. In fact, it actually hurts the people around him even more. He was too busy pushing people away to live his life and I think that was one of the sadest parts of the story.

These two end up on a road-trip together and shenanigans ensue, sparks fly and feelings got hurt, a lot, but this journey was the beginning, and sadly the end, of something beautiful and innocent. Love is the biggest emotional roller-coaster anyone could ever go on. I am pretty sure if someone could find a way to use love as currency, it would be worth a lot more than anything we currently have. I truly enjoyed getting to know Evelyn and Luc. I really loved Luc's hobby, too. The author really fleshed these characters out and made them as realistic as possible. Yes, there were some situations that seemed a bit out there but that doesn't mean they can't happen.

The ending sucked soooo much! I really wish Evelyn and Luc could have established their relationship three years ago and just let everything take its course. I did, however, really like the little twist with the ending. I would have bet money that the first pages of the book meant one thing, not the other. And I would have lost money. Evelyn was such a brave character. People like her need to exist in real life.

Overall, I gave the book 5/5 stars.


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