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Release Day Review: Missing by Kelley Armstrong - 5 stars

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Title: Missing
Genre: Young Adult Mystery/Thriller
Author: Kelley Armstrong
Publisher: Crown
Publication: April 18th 2017
Cover Rating: 3/5

I honestly forgot how much I loved Kelley Armstrong's writing. Before I transitioned over to young adult books I was big on the whole Stephen king, crime/mystery/thriller adult books and paranormal romance. The first book I ever read by Kelley was a mass market copy of a bunch of short stories for her werewolf series. I didn't know what they went to. I just read them then I had to go looking for the actual series and I was in love. After I switched over to YA I picked up a book from her here and there but I never read them. After reading Missing, I am regretting not reading them and wondering how I forgot that I loved her work.

So, onto the review. How exactly do you write a spoiler free for a mystery suspense book? The best part about these kinds of books is that you aren't supposed to know what is going on. You are supposed to be lead down a trail of confusion and unanswered questions. Why else would a mystery book exist if that wasn't the end result? 

We have three main characters. Winter Crane is the narrator. Then Lennon is thrown into the picture and after that, Lennon is replaced by his brother, Jude. So we don't really have any points where we have all 3 characters but they each have very pivotal parts in this book.

Winter lives with her 'dad' in a rundown trailer. Her father won't be winning any "Best Parent" awards. She would rather sleep in the woods, surrounded by feral dogs, than sleep in the trailer with her father. She is med school bound and trying to get out of this shitty town they landed in after her mother died. The town her sister ran away and left Winter in. The town where a lot of people seem to want to get out of and things just don't seem right. But the town suddenly starts to get a little more interesting.

Enter Lennon. Winter saves him from the feral dogs that drove him up a tree. He isn't from the area but he had met a friend of Winter's at a concert a while back and had come to visit her. Then it turns out he isn't exactly the best at telling the truth. And that leads us to meeting out next character...

Jude! He is Lennon's "Irish twin" brother. Meaning they are only ten months apart. Once Jude is involved with the mystery that is going on, everything starts to get messy and fast paced. We find out exactly who Jude and Lennon's family IS and that leads us to some very interesting plot twists and wrong guesses as to who the bad guy really is. 

I couldn't help but love Jude. He was smart and a great fighter and was just a really good guy. I did have some weariness though, with how Lennon was. I was worried Jude would be the same. The book actually made you believe one thing or another about the brothers. 

The great mystery in the book is a missing person/murder situation and Winter and Jude are trying to find out what is really going on. That leads then through a lot of scary and strange situations. I was actually starting to the think the book had some paranormal elements to it because of a few parts, that's how creepy it got. But in the end everything was figured out and I was pretty okay with the ending. I do want to know what happened with Edie and her family. What happened with the killer. And what happened with Jude and Lennon's "parents" and how the mother came to be in the situation she ended up in. 

Ahhh this book was just so fricken good. Go read it. I cannot explain anything else in this review without some spoilers but seriously go read it! 

In the end, I really LOVED this book. It was a very complex mystery and it was creepy as hell. I am a horror movie queen. Always have been since I was seven or eight. So nothing really scares me anymore but there were parts of this book that had me putting it down and listening to make sure my house was safe. I also don't think reading the book in four or five hours during the dead of the night helped me. I really recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good creepy mystery. Since I read this book as an eARC from NetGalley, I think I will purchase the hardback after it comes out so I can reread it. And I am NOT someone who rereads books often. 

Overall, I gave the book 5/5 stars.


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