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REVIEW: Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth - 2 stars

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Title: Carve the Mark
Genre: YA Fantasci(Fantasy and Sci-fi)
Author: Veronica Roth
Publisher: Katherine Tegen
Publication: January 17th 2017
Cover Rating: 3/5

*Disclaimer* This review was written the day I read Carve the Mark back in January. I don't know why I never posted the review, maybe because this book was just that insignificant to me, but I have been going back to clean up my blog and post old reviews so this was one of the ones on that list. Please know that if you want to read this book, then read it. Do not let me review scare you away. Everyone has their own opinions of what is good and what is bad BUT if you are thinking about not reading this book because someone told you it was racist or some other nonsense, please think for yourself and give the book a chance. We don't get anywhere in life by blindly following the leader. So without further ado, here is my "review" of Carve the Mark:

I want to first start off with saying I gave this book 2/5 stars. I normally NEVER give books that low of a rating. I always try to find that one thing that makes the book stand out. With that being said, nothing in this book stood out to me as being different than 50 others book I have read with a similar plot. Carve the Mark sounded so different when I first heard about it. It has all the tropes of a YA Fantasy book but it is told in a more Science Fiction world. So, I decided to give Veronica Roth another chance after the train-wreck that was the Divergent trilogy. Nothing could be as bad at that, right? Hmmm. WRONG!

Well, that isn't entirely fair. This book wasn't terrible. I think I actually would have enjoyed it better if it wasn't so hyped or maybe if I hadn't already read tons of other books with the same plot. So, what tropes does this book contain? Here are a few:

Female Main Character - Check
Male Main Character and/or Love Interest - Check
Two warring places that hate each other - Check
Some adventure/Illegal escape - Check

After that being said, I have one other topic I would like to touch on before I get into the actual review for Carve the Mark. A few months ago this huge drama started with people saying this book was racist. I couldn't wait to read it and find out what was so harmful about the book. Well, having read it, I can honestly say, unless someone was digging a hole to China trying to find something to base their judgement and butthurtness on, I read nothing even remotely racist. The book was about two places who didn't like each other. The few things that even could be considered "racist" didn't exactly have much ground to stand on. I have read far worse situations in Young Adult books and I have no idea why people chose to make such an uproar about this book in general. Then after that people started attacking other authors. Let me just say this, If anyone tried to tell me what to READ or WRITE they would be ignored, blocked, etc. Books are about an individual persons ideas and imagination. If you have a problem with authors expressing their minds then why the hell are you reading books in the first place? Books are the one thing that we still have the freedom to consume in whatever genre we like. If you are trying to control readers or authors then you are a horrible person.


There really isn't much to talk about when it comes to Carve the Mark. I expected so much more from this book considering Allegiant was such a let down. I think the only thing that has even stayed in my head since reading this book was the cute relationship between Cyra and Akos at the end. And that might be the only reason I pick up the next book(from the Library). The story line of the book and the follow-through of the author just did not click with me enough to make me want to read the next book for any other reason but the hope of a romance forming.

Sometimes, being a "big" name author isn't good. I'm sure it is awesome for the author in question, but it isn't good for the readers. We as readers really need to start basing our reading on what sounds good rather than what is so hyped up beyond belief that we feel we NEED to read and like it. So with that said, the ONLY reason I did not DNF this book was because I listened to the audiobook and was driving and I don't drive distracted so I couldn't turn the audiobook off. But even with how much I disliked a lot of this book, I do believe I will pick up the next book because the way this story ended is enough to make anyone pull their hair out. And that is how they get you. There are tons of books like this but each author knows how to keep people reading.

Overall, I gave the book 2/5 stars.


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