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REVIEW: Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab - 5 stars

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Title: Our Dark Duet
Genre: Paranormal Dystopian YA
Author: Victoria Schwab
Publisher: Greenwillow
Publication: June 13th 2017
Cover Rating: 5/5

In 2016 I devoured This Savage Song. I loved it. SO MUCH. It was such a refreshing book. There was no romance to drive the plot. There was no pointless bullcrap. It was just a fricken fantastic book. I have really loved every book I have read by Victoria Schwab but... after reading this one, I realized I do have a problem with her writing and I will explain that at the end of the review.

In This Savage Song we left off with Henry and Kate parting ways. Kate ended up going to Prosperity(don't you just love these town names?) in search of a new beginning. It was rumored that Prosperity was not touched by monsters. And, while it definitely didn't have the infestation problem that Verity has, that was proven to be false. Kate ends up working with a small group of people as their personal monster killer. But then, something new pops up and that sends Kate running back to her home in order to warn the one person she still loved and cared for. August...

August was no longer August. Killing his brother and seeing everything he saw in This Savage Song changed him. And not for the better. He decided to completely undergo a transformation. He turned into the monster Verity needed to defeat the Corsai and the Malachai. Her turned into... Leo.

So August is now the leader of a military squad with his fancy new violin. He wields his newfound inability to care, like a deadly weapon. And that is exactly what he has become. That is until Kate comes back. Everyone is weary of Kate but August trusts her wholeheartedly and that trust is what ended up saving a lot of people in the end of the book.

There truly isn't much else I can say without it being a massive spoiler but lets just say Kate's past comes back to bite her in the ass, in more than on form. Someone that she thought was dead ends up not being so dead and Kate has to figure out how to eliminate all of these threats to the world.

I really want to know what happened with the whole Henry situation. I really don't think August could put up with Henry, as well. There was so much loss in this book. I just keep thinking that some of this never would have happened if Kate wouldn't have pulled that trigger in the last book.

I gave the book a full star rating because I truly do love Victoria Schwab's writing. However, I have found a flaw, at least for me, with her books. I never feel satisfied with how the books/series end. I felt VERY unfinished with the The Archived books and that is exactly how I felt when Our Dark Duet finished. I want more. I can't fault the author for that because I knew Our Dark Duet was the final book but I still feel so unsatisfied with the ending. But I also know it is the end because there is no coming back from what happened. So I will sit here and silently wish for more books that won't happen and sulk and pity myself.

In the end, I was heartbroken. I still am. I cannot believe it's over. If anyone needs me, don't.

Overall, I gave the book 5/5 stars.


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