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REVIEW: Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds - 4.5/5 stars

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Title: Long Way Down
Genre: YA Contemporary Verse
Author: Jason Reynolds
Publisher: Atheneum
Publication: October 24th 2017
Cover Rating: 5/5
Reading format: Library Hardback

Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds is about one boys life living in a dangerous area with gangs and violence. This book is an addition to the Put The Guns Down movement and I highly suggest reading this if you have read THUG or Dear Martin.

Fifteen year old Will just watched his older brother, Shawn, get gunned down. Will was taught 3 rules and because of that he decides he needs to exact revenge on the person he THINKS killed his brother. 

On his way to exact his revenge he has some visitors from the past appear in an elevator with him. All of these people are dead was a result of shootings/gang violence. Together, these visitors make up an entire picture to a story Will only knew pieces of. Together, these visitors help Will to see what has happened in the past and how he is only going to follow in their foot steps.

This book was very short but extremely eye opening. Will has NO men left in is family because all of them have been shot and he was about to travel down that same road. Violence only begets violence, as Dr. King once said. And that statement is even more true today.

In the end, I want everyone to read this book. Even if you don't read, you need to read THIS BOOK. It is VERY quick but it will punch the air out of your lungs. Out of all the recent BLM books I have read THIS ONE is the most impactful.

Overall, I gave the book 5/5 stars.


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