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REVIEW: Book of Shadows by Cate Tiernan - Paige

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Genre: YA Horror/Fantasy
Recommended Age: 12+ (something Wiccan this way comes. Seriously, if your parents didn’t allow you to read Harry Potter they most definitely won’t like this book).
Pages: 187


Morgan and her best friend, Bree, are introduced to Wicca when a gorgeous senior named Cal invites them to join his new coven. Morgan falls for Cal immediately? and discovers that she has strong, inexplicable powers.

When my husband and I were little we apparently already had a common interest: witches! We loved stories about these spell casters and we read a ton of book between us about different YA or MG novels concerning the topic. Since my husband kept a ton of his older books and this series concerns witches, he gave the series to me so I can read it. And I loved this book. It was simple and straight to the point about a girl who becomes infatuated with the new guy in school and his religion: Wicca. She and her friends start to practice the art and she comes to the conclusion she is sensitive to the magic. But is that all about our protagonist? The plot and pacing of this book were perfect for how small of a book this was. While this book was mostly just an introductory piece to the series, it wasn’t at all boring to me.

However, I didn’t feel that the characters were that developed and most were forgettable. There was a huge cast of characters introduced in this short book and it made remembering names very difficult. Maybe if the book had few key characters or if the book was longer then I could have remembered all of them.

Verdict: While there are a bunch of characters, the main storyline is intriguing and I’ll definitely be reading the second book of this series.


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