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REVIEW: The Monster Within by Kelly Hashway

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Title: The Monster Within
Author:Kelly Hashway
Format: eBook ARC
Publisher:Spencer Hill Press
Publication Date: June 17 2014

If you are looking for a quick, exciting read then this is the book for you. I read the entire book in one 3 hour sitting. It's got drama, death, witches, zombies and some decent romance.

Samantha(Sam) died of cancer and her boyfriend couldn't live without her so he found a way to bring her back. YIKES! That is where everything started going down hill. Sam has to kill in order to stay alive and in my opinion she should have told Ethan the truth instead of trying to protect him. It was his fault she turned out like this so she should have told him.

Ethan was a little too soft. I know he just got his girlfriend back and everything but he should have pushed her for more answers and he should have also been a little bit more forthcoming with the information about how he brought Sam back. It was her life after all. She deserved to know how she was brought back.

Nora was predictable for a villain. I knew Sam shouldn't have trusted her but then again Dylan didn't make it easier to believe him either. Nora had to correct approach to make someone believe her. Dylan just stalked and scared Sam and didn't seem like he wanted to help like he said.

I keep going back and forth between liking the book and it just being okay. It was a very short book with plenty of drama and other aspects but I just feel like something was missing.

Overall, I gave the book 3.5/5 Kitties.


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