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REVIEW: Pieces of Me by Amber Kizer

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Title: Pieces of Me
Author: Amber Kizer
Format: Hardback
Source: Bought
Publisher: Delacorte Press

I am normally not a big fan of multiple POV books but this is Amber Kizer, so obviously I had to read it. And I loved it!
At first I was like, uhh, please tell me this isn't going to be a book about some poor girls hair going to little girls with cancer and that's all. I am glad to report that that definitely wasn't ALL.
Jessica Chai is our main character and her name is awesome. She is an outcast and, in my opinion, dies trying to fit in. She should have stuck up for herself when the cheerleaders "assaulted" her.
When Jessica dies her parents decide to make her an organ donor so she is essentially in pieces and Jessica is not too happy about that.
Her spirit follows around the kids that her organs went to and she lives vicariously though them.
Jessica witnesses her recipients fall in love, fight with parents, give up, try to deal with life and even die. It is so heart breaking going through each persons story.
Sam is a anti-social blogger/gamer who had kidney disease. Misty ends up with liver disease and her family has no way to really pay for her recovery. Leif was the all star football player at Jessica's school who ends up badly injured. Vivian has Cystic Fibrosis and is an amazing painter. These are the teenagers that Jessica must follow around.
Vivian is a sweet girl but she doesn't feel like she should live her life because she knows it won't be long anyways. I was hoping she would change every time I read her parts. Leif was good for her.
Leif has very pushy, athletic parents who end up pushing him too hard. I think Misty's brother ended up in the right place though.
Misty's story was the most heart breaking of all. I actually cried through the end of the book.
Sam, I think, had the best and worst story. Not only did he find love but within a few short weeks he also lost love. 
Amber Kizer is one of my favorite authors and she has yet to disappoint me. I cannot compare her books to any other author but I do suggest you guys check her out if you haven't.
Overall, I gave the book 5/5 stars.
*Book synopsis courtesy of Goodreads.


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