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REVIEW: To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han

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I can't be sure whether I really liked this book or if it was just okay for me. At times I was really into it and the pages just flew by. But at other times I found myself thinking that I have read a lot of other books similar to this.

The one thing that did get to me was Lara Jeans inability to live. She was such a weak minded character. She couldn't function without her older sister and to me that shows weakness. I despise weak female protagonists.

The whole Josh situation also got on my nerves. He is a PERSON, a human being, not a piece of property for two sisters to fight over. If Lara Jean wanted Josh then she should have just tried for him. Margot and Josh has broken up so that means he was available. Regardless of him having dated her sister.

Margot was a little bit stuck up and thought she was better than everyone. Or, at least, that's how it appeared on the outside. On the inside she was just a scared little girl who was put in charge of her sisters at a young age. She tried to appear strong for Lara Jean and Kitty but inside she was cracked and torn.

I think Lara Jean got what she deserved with the whole hot tub sex scandal situation. If she wanted to stay off the radar and continue to be little miss innocent then she never should have done the fake relationship with Peter. Especially since she knows what Gen is capable of.

I didn't see the book ending the way it did. I didn't think she would really want Peter. I was actually rooting for Josh. But in the end it wasn't clear what happened. It was just clear who she had actually fallen for. I just hope she doesn't end up getting her heart broken in the next book.

I also have a theory. I thin Peter bought Lara Jean that necklace she was looking at all the time. For some reason I just feel like that will be in the beginning of the next book.

The book had a pretty good concept. A girl having written love letters and they accidentally get mailed out. But the good concept was covered up with your typical, unoriginal Young Adult Contemporary theme. Girl in high school, dead parent, boys and random love.

Overall, I gave the book 3.5/5 Kitties.

*Thank you to Goodreads for the synopsis and the book photo*


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