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REVIEW: The Winter People by Rebekah L. Purdy

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I am having a hard time putting to words just how much I adored The Winter People. 

The book started off a little slow and when I was about 10% in I was about to stop reading it because the release date had already passed. I am so glad that I didn't put this book down. The first couple pages were definitely worth the struggle.

Salome isn't normal from the start. She had a near death experience and ever since then she is deathly afraid of winter. But no one believes that her fears are actually warranted. Oh... They most certainly are. 

About halfway through the book I finally started realizing what was going on. There was a curse at work. Then after Salone found the letters in her Grandmothers secret room everything started falling into place. Nevin and Aidrianna messed with the wrong witch, Kassandra, and now they both had to pay. Nevin with his inability to return home and Aidrianna with the family curse where every other generation an eighteen year old girl from her family is murdered by the "winter".

This book doesn't just have a love triangle. Oh, no. It has a love SQUARE. Two of the guys are using her and one truly cares for her but it is so hard to figure out which one is which. Colton takes himself out of the game by turning into a lunatic. Nevin doesn't know how to love it seems and Gareth just needs like a really good friend and protector. But Salome gets the pick of all three. Who does she choose? Well, you'll just have to read the book for that.

Salomes family infuriated me. How could her mother not know about the curse and what it was doing to her daughter? How could she just assume she was mental and try to send her to Dr. Bosworth? I hate when parents assume things and try to find the easiest way out for themselves instead of what is best for their child. I would really like to know what happened with her father though. He came back and had this weird seasonal ring on his finger and was insane. I dont think insane is a strong enough word, honestly. He locked his daughter out in the snow for crying out loud.

I am hoping there will either be a second book of some novellas telling different sides of the story. I would love to see Nevins, Gareths and her dads sides. 

Two questions that are nagging me though. Was Simeon the same as Gareth? And, if Nevin and Colton couldn't go back to their Kingdom then why could Gareth? There are so many ideas and theories going through my head. I love when books make you think about things.

I loved the world building. I actually felt like it was winter while reading this book. I imagined the scenes with Nevin in her grandmothers backyard so clearly. The snowflakes, the wind, the sun glaring off the snow. It all felt so perfect.

Overall, I gave the book 5/5 stars and I cannot wait to get my hands on a physical copy!


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