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REVIEW: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

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Title: Red Queen
Author: Victoria Aveyard
Publisher: HarperTeen
Publication: February 10th 2015
Cover Rating: 3/5

Upon starting Red Queen I realized that the book is like A LOT of previously published YA novels. Now I understand that it's hard to be completely original in a world where everything has been done but what I don't understand is why THIS book gets hype where there are other, better, books out there. Why does THIS book get all the love and attention while other suffer and barely get bought? I don't think it is fair and that will reflect in my rating of this book.

Aside from the HYPE, I did like the book. It had a good story line and had wonderful world building. I could picture the world and the Reds, but I have a hard time picturing the Silvers. Do they look like vampires? They are supposed to be really pale but I just can't fully imagine what they look like besides pale people. Also, were all Silvers and Reds Caucasian? You can't just have ONE race. That is impossible.

Mare was a good heroin. She was slightly annoying at times and she trusted far too easily for someone in her position. She was also in a love SQUARE through-out most of the book. For someone who hated Silvers and never got too close to anyone she sure cuddled up to the Prince rather fast. Told him her entire life story on a short walk home. 

Maven and Cal were one thing at the beginning of the book but then everything turned upside down and they ended up switching roles a little bit. Maven turned out to be someone I actually wasn't expecting. And Cal did things I wasn't expecting either but he mainly stayed true to what he believed in.

The powers the Silvers have are pretty cool but how exactly does that make them Gods? To be perfectly honest they should be the ones locked up and slaving away. THEY are the different ones. For thousands of years normal humans ran the world and now these "Gods" come along and all of a sudden they rule? Nope, don't think so. It is a human trait to shun and dislike what is different to us. So how did the Silver's become the rulers?

Towards the end of the book I did get a bit confused. Who is dead and who isn't dead? It seemed like EVERYONE died yet with how much Maven lied I don't know what is true.

I did enjoy the ending though. It was kind of shocking but then again still a little predictable. I will read the next book just so I can find out who Mare ends up being with. l'm not sure who I am hoping for.

Overall, I gave the book 4/5 Kitties.


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