Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Topic Tuesday[5] - Relationships - Boy+Girl

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So, since Valentines Day occurs this month I thought doing topics about relationships would be a good plan. So the first topic is going to be books with awesome Boy+Girl relationships. Which pretty much can cover every young adult book ever written. But I am going to pick a few books/authors that I think are pretty awesome. And I am going to stick to contemporary. No supernatural or anything else.

I loved this book. And all of Kasie West's other contemporary books. She just has this way of creating really cute love stories that seem real. If you are looking for a book you can fly through in a day then you should really try her books. 

I think this duology was my favorite romantic read of 2014. I couldn't help but fall in love with the story and the character. The main relationship is so cute but also dangerous.These books were also very quick reads. I don't know why, but for some reason Nantucket just makes me think of romance. I hope to see more from the author in the future.

Now this book... I had no idea I really loved the relationship in this book until I sat here and found myself thinking about it. It wasn't a HUGE relationship, but in the end it was the main one. It took a while for it to develop and I was actually afraid it wasn't going to for a while there. It was just adorable and the guy was adorable. I actually wonder what happened with them. Lauren Morrill! I demand an update of their future, please. 

This duology was super cute. There were so many love interests and twists and turns. But I knew who I wanted Lara Jean to end up with. This book doesn't just have a great relationship aspect but it also has a great family aspect. It has some sad parts and some not so great parts but, overall, the books are really good and quick reads. 

I really enjoyed this book. This one is a little bit heavier with the subject matter. But the relationship between the two main characters is really strong. A lot of shit goes down in this book and I think they needed each other. There will be more books in this series but each book with be about another main character. Still, I hope the author lets us see how West and Maggie are doing.

I could keep going and add every cute romance book I have ever read but sometimes a great relationship is more than just the romance. If you have any other books you would like to add to this list please comment down below for everyone to see. Thanks!


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