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REVIEW: So You Want To Be A Jedi by Adam Giowitz - Valeria

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Goodreads Description:
So you want to be a Jedi?
It seems cool. You can move things with your mind. Control people with your thoughts. Oh, and the lightsabers. Yeah, those are awesome. But it's not all mind control and weaponized flashlights. Being a Jedi is hard work. Also, there are bad guys. Lots of bad guys. Who want to kill you.

Do you still want to be a Jedi?

Well, this book tells the tale of one of the greatest Jedi ever. It's also a retelling of the classic film The Empire Strikes Back. But it is more than that. It also teaches you how to become a Jedi. Maybe you don't need to learn how to levitate or sense your surroundings blindfolded. And maybe you don't want to hear a story about lightsabers and murderous snow creatures and spaceships. But maybe you do want to hear such a story. And maybe, just maybe, you do want to learn how to be a Jedi. Well, in that case, this is the book for you. The choice, my young friend, is in your hands. Literally.

So I quickly moved onto the second book after finishing the first one and of course as soon as I finished I am now listening to the third one.

I can't stress how great I think the audiobooks are. 

I have been listening to them sped up and the characters actually sound like the movie actors which is pretty fucking cool

I could just be me.

Once I finish the books imma have a Star Wars marathon.,

I loved the way this book was written, this one out you in the place of Luke and so goes deeper into his emotions. It also goes into giving you tips and exercises on how to be a Jedi which was fun. The way the author wrote the book and his little comments made the book have some funny bits that lightened the mood unlike the first one. 

I am really becoming a fan of how these books were handles, everyone have their own way of telling the story and each one being so good.

Recommend it?
Yeah, particularly in audiobook form.


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