Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Reset Button

Posted by HelloJennyReviews at 8:38 AM

Hello everyone! I know no one really reads this stuff but I still feel the need to write it.

For the next 18 days I'm probably going to be pretty busy and MIA from the book world. Today, February 28th, I am going to be attempting to get as many reviews and other posts up as possible.

Starting March 1st, I will be stepping back and trying to find peace of mind. I have been extremely depressed lately. I haven't been cleaning, reading, sleeping, eating, organizing my shelves or any other things I usually do frequently.

I wanted to do a little list on here to see if these next 18 days have any progress towards some of my goals. So here is a list of things I want to get done in the next 18 days:

All of March's posts done
Finish Caraval
Get laundry under control
Husband's Anime shelf
Husband's lego shelf
Finish bunny's room
Read 10 books of my choice
Finish last 2 Author Spotlight posts
Hold off buying any new books(preorders don't count)
Find my passion for reading and living again
Lose 20lbs(currently 415.6)
Try to nap less and SLEEP more
Get more things done during the day
Stop looking at most activities as a chore
Visit my sister without her asking
Start waking up at 6
(Might periodically add more)

I might even add pictures when I'm done certain things.

I feel the need to do this because I am barely living. We don't have very long to be here anyways but when you don't even want to get up most days, your quality of life is even shorter. My outlook on everything is that it's a chore. I don't enjoy shopping or seeing my sister because I feel like it's a job. Not some fun time being spent with someone I love. I always tell people that I am fine. I'm not depressed. But the more I think about what I am writing here, the more I am realizing that that might be a really big lie. And I need to change that.

So thank you guys for listening. I hope to be back soon and I hope I will be a better me when I do return! I will be making update posts for when I mark something off the list so please keep an eye out for that.


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