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REVIEW: Last Years Mistake by Gina Ciocca - Valeria

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Title: Last Year's Mistake
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance
Author: Gina Ciocca
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Publication: June 9th 2015
Cover Rating: 4/5

Meh, I didn't really get into this book, it took me a while to get into, towards the middle I stopped and left it for a while and then it was collecting dust on my bedside table. 
I was gonna put the book back on my shelf but I knew that if I did put it back, I was never going to pick it back up xD
It wasn't bad. You must understand that it was not bad. But it was just.... Not memorable to me, which is a shame because I had very high hopes for it, I was super excited to get it xD 
Kelsey got a bit on my nerves to be honest, maybe its what she did? XD No Spoilers here though.
One thing that at first irked me, but then I ended up liking was the change in times, going back and forth, it prevented it from being predictable, you know?
At first I didn't like it because I was getting confused and stuff.. But that's just me.. I'm a dumb.. person xD
I don't regret reading it but I don't think ill be rereading it either. 

Recommend it?
I honestly don't know what to say for that

Overall, I gave the book 3.5/5 stars.

*You can see Jenny's review for this book here.*


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