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Review The Archived by Victoria Schwab

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Title: The Archived
Author: Victoria Schwab
Format: Hardback
Source: Library
Publisher: Hyperion

REVIEW: Unique. That is the first word that comes to mine when I think about what I just read. Amazing would be the second word. I am still swooning.

Mackenzie's little brother just recently died so her parents moved her away from her childhood home into an old hotel turned apartments. I don't approve of what her parents did. I would think that after someone dies you should try to keep life as normal as possible. Not move your family away from everything you've ever known.

Alas, without this move, Mackenzie never would have had this "adventure".

I really loved the ideas in this book. That when you die you don't go to heaven or hell. Instead you are stored away like a book. I think that would be pretty awesome.

I really liked Roland and the way he took Mac under his wing and protected her as best he could. I think Da would really appreciate that.

Wes... What to say about Wes. Guys who wear eyeliner and look like poster boys for attention seekers aren't my type. Even those Wes may dress like that, he actually isn't. He seems like a very sweet and caring guy and I was hoping throughout the entire book that SOMETHING would happen between Mac and Wes. I think that is the only part about this book that I disliked.

Mac's parents seem like they are running from the death of their son and I don't find that very admiring. By the end of the book though they seem to be doing a little better. They need to remember that, while, yes, Ben is dead, they still have another child who needs them.

 I enjoyed the fact that I could actually picture the Coronado and everything else in this book. It is very visually appealing.

Mac reached a low point in her life and allowed her need to quiet to get in her way of doing her job. Owen should have been returned IMMEDIATELY! I did like the fact that there was always action in the book. It wasn't all built up and then throw at me in the end like most books do. So the entire book wasn't rushed so we could get to the end.

Even though I didn't like Mac's irresponsibility with Owen, I never thought the book would end the way it did. I just didn't see the deceiving nature in Owen. I was fooled! Fooled I tell you!!

And don't even get me started on the Librarian things. I never expected that part! But in the end it made a lot of sense and explained why Owen never slipped. 

I really enjoyed this book and am hoping for a little more romancing in the second one. Wes BETTER make a move! And not just kissing her to read her life either.

Overall, I gave  the book 5/5 kitties.


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