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Review To Be Perfectly Honest by Sonya Sones *SPOILER ALERT!!*

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I am posting this because the Author is concerned that my review may contains spoilers! So please read at your own risk!

Title: To Be Perfectly Honest
Author: Sonya Sones
Format: ARC Paperback
Source: ARCycling
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication Date: August 27 2013

REVIEW: I love this book! I would recommend it to anyone who likes Ellen Hopkins or books written in verse.

Colette lies. A lot! She loves to make up stories and that is going to be her downfall. She uses the excuse of her mothers stardom as the reason she lies/reinvents her life.

I did find it kind of rude that Marissa Shawn changed her kids summer plans at the last minute for selfish movie star reasons. I know this probably isn't really how famous peoples children live but I am glad that my parents are boring and normal.

 Will was an adorable little brother. He was definitely wise beyond his years. When I read the line saying "thith ith either about bacon or thex." I died laughing. Oh, yeah, bacon is a staple in this book. Which for most people would have them instantly sold. But I don't like bacon. So the book had to use other charms to draw me in.

Enter Conner. He seemed like such an awesome, amazing guy. I was hoping he would be good for Colette and help her learn to not lie. In the end, he did help her start to not lie, but for entirely different reasons than what I was initially hoping for.

With Conner, Colette met her match. You'd think with how much she like to make things up that she would be about to tell when someone is doing the exact same thing. But the reality is, ever liars don't like to believe that other people lie.

I did and I didn't like the ending. I was kind of hoping the Colette would go through with her revenge plot. I understand that she wanted to "do the right thing" but sometimes people do really need to be taught a lesson.

I am glad that Jack truly wanted to stay in the picture. Having him around will probably help balance Colette out and make her life more family oriented. I am also glad that by the end of this book Marissa Shawn seems to be more of a motherly figure than she started out as.

I have heard people say that books written in verse are stupid/pointless because you don't get much of a story out of it. These people, honestly, couldn't be more wrong. I feel that I got more out of this book than I have gotten out of any of the 500+ page books I have read that were written with the tiniest font.

Overall, I gave this book 5/5 kitties. In short, I would say, sometimes the truth hurts, but lying is much worse.


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