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Publication Day Review: Stronger Than You Know by Jolene Perry

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I adored Stronger Than You Know. I think everyone who has ever been through tough situations should read it just so they know that its possible to make it through anything. Also, as a warning, this book is about some pretty terrible abuse. So if you don't like reading about that then steer clear of this book.

Joy is such a timid little thing. When we first meet her all the answers we get are through questions her therapist asks. She is afraid of her uncle and she won't look up from her feet when shes at school. She is broken. 

As the book moves forward Joy goes back and forth from progression to recession. She moves so far ahead only to be knocked back even more by a word, scent, thought, etc. 

I think Joy and Justin are PERFECT for each other. She calms him and he encourages her. He helps her move forward so much more than anyone else did I think. Well, aside from Uncle Rob.

Once Joy started talking to Uncle Rob he actually became a HUGE character in the book. She was her protector and I think he needed her to be safe just as much as she wanted it. Most family situations like this aren't as close or there is a lot more stress and fighting. This family was pretty much perfect and Nicole and Rob has so much love to give. Joy got extremely lucky with her Aunts family.

Seeing Joy open up and let people in is a huge deal. You get to see exactly what can happen when a child is emotionally and physically abused. They pretty much shut down and think the deserved everything that happened to them. I am glad she go over that and was able to thrive.

Further along in the book we no longer see the chats with Lydia. I think that is because her talks with Lydia aren't as big an impact as her growing and learning to trust those around her. She is building other relationships and opening up to her family. Lydia was the way we learned about her but now that Joy talks to other people we don't need Lydia anymore to ask questions so we have answers.

I feel like the book ended rather abruptly. Everything was ended in 3 short chapters and I would have loved to have found out her mothers verdict. Whether or not her and Justin last. And if Trent stayed the nice guy.

I do love that Joy had a happy ending. Most kids in her situation hardly ever have happy endings. They either crumble under the stress or they try to end their pain in different ways. Sadly, as the author said, the inspiration for this story didn't end as happily. 

Overall I gave the book 5/5 Kitties regardless of my unanswered questions.


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