Friday, September 5, 2014

REVIEW: Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

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Oh Holder, Holder, wherefore art thou, Holder? Yes, I think he would make Juliet swoon. 

Sky's story is excruciating. No child should have to ever go through what she did. But the sad reality of this books is that this DOES happen. But not many kids are as lucky as Sky was. She has Karen, Holder, Brecken and Six. Instead of living a life of pain and suffering she was blessed with a life of love and happiness. Yet somehow it takes her almost the entire book to come to this conclusion.

Sky is a good girl to an extent. She sneaks chocolate and non-vegan food, she has boys come in her window and she even lies occasionally. But she never lets those boys get past second base. We know from the very beginning that something has happened in her past and we also get hints throughout the book. I knew from probably page five that she had some sort of daddy or mommy issue. 

The fact that Sky is going to her first year of public school makes for a good addition to the plot line. It also poses the question further on, WHY was she home-schooled all those years? Which is MORE than answered by the end of the book.

Her first week at school is hell. She is labeled a slut, whore, etc, because of Six's reputation and the fact that Sky is her best friend. But she meets Brecken "The Mormon" and life starts looking up. But then she meets Holder and everything spirals out of control. 

Holder is crazy. He is intense and never does anything half-assed. He is perfect for Sky. The fact that hes been looking for her for 13 years is kind of hard to believe. It's also hard to believe that he found her. I can honestly say that I don't remember ANYTHING from when I was four, five, or six. But Holder remembers everything. Some parts of the book are definitely unbelievable but it's a work of fiction so that is to be expected on some level.

Sky's real father was terrible. He tried to play the victim and then he took the cowards way out. How pathetic is that? I had no remorse whatsoever for what happened to him. He caused the pain and suffering of not only Sky but Karen and Lesslie as well. 

I am glad that Sky came to realize what Karen has done for her. She could have called the cops or made the entire thing a hell of a lot worse. But she didn't. And I think that is partly because Holder kept her head on straight. In the end, Holder wasn't so "Hopeless" anymore. I think Sky and Holder will heal each other over time.

I thought some parts were a little slow but overall the entire book was very well written and definitely enjoyable. I would recommend Colleen Hoover to fans of Jamie McGuirre and Katie McGarry.

Overall, I gave the book 4/5 Kitties.


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