Monday, October 24, 2016

October Weekly Wrap-Up[3] 16th-22nd

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Finished 10/16/2016
These books were such a guilty pleasure. I think I finished ALL of the 5 books in a few hours per book. They were all one sitting reads. The Heir was where things started to get a little bit annoying for me and I wasn't even going to both with The Crown after how horrible Eadlyn was but I had the book on preorder and it came so I decided to finish it so I can have another series completely. I am glad I finished the series though because this book was so emotional and I loved how Eadlyn changed her spoiled brat personality. I found myself really liking all the Elite and I didn't want any of them to go. They formed a family and it was so beautiful to see. The ending was SOOO predictable but I loved it so much. I teared up with Henry and what he did. He is such an amazing character and it showed that language barriers can't stop love. 

Finished 10/17/2016
This book of poetry was absolutely beautiful. I found myself taking picture of certain poems and sending them to people in my life who I believed the pertained to. There is so much power in Rupi Kaur words and I urge everyone to read this, not just women. 

Finished 10/18/2016
I have read everything Carol Lynch Williams has written. I love her verse writing the best. But she writes very good regular novels as well. The Haven was the first non-verse novel I read by her and I really liked it. Her books are pretty short but they pack a decent punch. I never feel like the stories were rushed or lacking in anything. In fact, I find her books to be quiet appealing because they don't really contain fluff/fillers. That is where I normally get slumpy. I think this is the beginning of a series with how the book ended. I am hoping it's a series because I have a lot of questions. One thing that was a bit iffy with this book was the was everything just got really mixed up and confusing VERY easily. The end of the book was ridiculously insane but I know it was like that just to show how chaotic everything got. 

Finished 10/22/3016
I picked this book up hoping it would be a great Halloween time read. Sadly, that is not what I got. The book was just about a boy, who has been accused of murder, escaping juvie, meeting this girl and forming a special relationship with her. The things that happened in this book were very convenient and made the book less enjoyable.


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