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REVIEW: Resurrecting Sunshine by Lisa A. Koosis - Valeria

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Rate: 5/5

Goodreads Description:
At seventeen, Adam Rhodes is famous, living on his own, and in a downward spiral since he lost the girl he loved. Marybeth stage name Sunshine was his best friend from the days they were foster kids; then she was his girlfriend and his band mate. But since her accidental death, he's been drinking to deal with the memories. Until one day, an unexpected visitor, Dr. Elloran, presents Adam with a proposition that just might save him from himself. Using breakthrough cloning and memory-implantation techniques, Dr. Elloran and the scientists at Project Orpheus want to resurrect Marybeth, and they need Adam to "donate" intimate memories of his life with her. The memory retrieval process forces Adam to relive his life with Marybeth and the devastating path that brought them both to fame. Along the way, he must confront not only the circumstances of her death but also his growing relationship with the mysterious Genevieve, daughter of Project Orpheus's founder. As the process sweeps Adam and Marybeth ever closer to reliving the tragedy that destroyed them, Adam must decide how far he'll go to save her.

It is all too easy for me to give this book a 5 out of 5 rating but let me tell you why.
I thought this book would include an element of magic which is how they would be bringing Sunshine (Real name Marybeth) back but I was wrong. The book is set a bit forward in the future and the way they plan on bringing her back is through science
Through clonning and memory planting to be specific.
The main character, Adam starts off a year after Marybeths death and how he is struggling with her death and had issues with alcohol and such when he is contacted by a Doctor to bring her back.
He skeptically agrees to help, they need his memories as well, and leaves to a hidden location where Sunshine is being regrown
The book from the middle to the end starts making you question and realize if it is the right thing to do or if you would allow it to happen. There is a particular quote in the book that was kind of the changing moment, where the author starts to point out something else.
Marybeth is being clonned but she is still dead. There is still a dead girl on the ground.
In the book Adam meets Gen, who helps him cope with the whole process by being his friend
We also learn the truth of Marybeths death and again, brings the question to mind of, is it right and would you do it and allow it whether you would allow that to be done to yourself or someone you love.
This is a bitter sweet read that really submerges you into this whole idea, this whole world of things that other books simply fail to do.
And that, is why it is so easy for me to give a good rate to this book without a second thought.

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