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Blog Tour+Review: What We Buried by Kate A. Boorman

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Kate is a freelance writer and artist from the often-frozen Canadian prairies. She has a nice family and a well-indulged travel bug. She also has an irrational fear of birds, so when you visit, please leave your bird at home. But do visit. You can visit her website here.

Title: What We Buried
Genre: Young Adult Psychological Mystery
Author: Kate A. Boorman
Publisher: Henry Holt
Publication: February 26th 2019
Cover Rating: 3/5
Reading Format: Owned Hardback

What We Buried by Kate A. Boorman is the story of Liv and Jory. Liv is an ex-child beauty queen that is suing her parents for making her the horrible person she was and Jory is the older brother who has had to deal with their father's crude remarks about his partial face paralysis. 

Liv's childhood was ruined by beauty pageants and a TV show showcasing the child stars. Someone started a lawsuit against their parents for making them do all that stuff so Liv decides to jump on the bandwagon.

Jory has always been in his sister's shadow even though he is the older sibling. His parents even denied him a surgery that could make talking a lot easier for him because it wasn't a great investment like his sister's beauty pageants. So when he finds out Liv is suing his parents he starts to resent her even more.

When their parents are supposed to show up to court for the hearing results they suddenly vanish and Liv and Jory must work together to try and figure out what happened. But things start feeling weird for both Liv and Jory. They both start feeling like they have done things before or said something before and by the end of the book things start to right themselves and everything becomes clear.

Man, oh man, what can I say about this book that won't give too much away but will still entice people to read it. Oh, I know! This book made me feel literally insane. I had a moment where I was reading and my husband was taking the trash out and all of a sudden I couldn't find a bag I had sitting on the bed and I felt like I was losing my mind while searching for this bag. Now, the logical thing would have been to think about it and realize oh maybe my husband threw it away. But noooo. Because I was so sucked into this book I thought I was losing my mind. Yes, I did accidentally give my husband the bag to throw away and yes I had to go retrieve it from the trashcan outside at 3 am but the moral of this story is THIS BOOK IS A TRAP. But it was a trap I enjoyed.

In the end, I went back and forth between three or four different ending scenarios in my head but the true ending wasn't any one of those scenarios. I just want to know one thing, did they survive?!

Overall, I gave the book 4.5/5 stars.


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