Monday, May 13, 2013

Motivation? Pfft...

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I realize that I reviewed The Everafter - Amy Huntley for Goodreads but I never did it for my own blog. So I decided it's time to do that and stop being lazy. (After searching for my review on Goodreads I have come to find out it never got posted or saved so I have to write an entirely new review. Oh well!)

The Everafter
Amy Huntley

REVIEW: I personally liked the overall concept of the book but I was very disappointed with how short it was. It should not have been a book on its own. It should have been incorporated into another book. There just wasn't enough detail or action going on for it to be a stand alone book. The author should have used this idea as part of another novel that way it would be surrounded by more detail and background. The idea of dying and being able to flash back into your life by touching things you have lost is creative and I loved it. Having the ability to find the things you lost and change your life while you were alive seems very dangerous. I found the book to be very depressing and makes me question what the author was trying to accomplish. The ending was probably the best part. I was no expecting it and normally I can predict what will happen in most books. It also puzzled me as to how EVERYONE was in the place Madison deemed to be "is". It was as if time didn't matter in there and why did Madison JUST wake up in there and Tammy happens to be there as well but she died in her 30's? It's all very confusing. I did read the book in a day so it was interesting enough. It just left me with a lot of unanswered questions. I give the book 3/5 stars.


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