Monday, May 20, 2013

Random Update

Posted by HelloJennyReviews at 4:05 PM
Just wanted to do a random update. Show you guys what new books I've gotten and other things. Currently I am on the hunt for one of my hermit crabs. They both somehow managed to get out of their tank last night and I have since found Sheldon. Penny is still on the run.

Well, I'm going to show you a few pictures and the books I've gotten this week and then I will be off to two Library book sales. For some reason it's bothering me that my built-in bookshelf has two and a half empty shelves. I also have to get all my wishlisted books I have for Paperbackswap together so I can list them. I did a lot of cleaning yesterday so I'm behind on everything. I just can't focus when I have chaos all around me.


I made this the other night from a crappy old coat hanger and some decals from the dollar store. It is now above my storage door in my room and it holds my bags.

I decided that the hello kitty shelf was lacking something. So I got these decals from the dollar store and spiced it up. I love the way it looks.

And LAST is my new zebra storage dresser. I got it for my pajamas, socks, etc. I love it!


Halo I received from PBS and the rest I bought from Ollies.


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