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REVIEW: The Diviners by Libbra Bray

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Title: The Diviners
Author: Libba Bray
Format: Hardback
Source: Bought
Publisher: Little, Brown

REVIEW: The Diviners took my Historical Fiction virginity. And I loved it! I have tried to read other Historical fiction books before but I never got very far or got disinterested due to the writing and not understanding what was going on.

Maybe it was the murder or maybe it was Jericho but for some reason I was taken with this book and I couldn't put it down half the time.

Evie is such an amazing character. She is reeling with pain from losing her brother but she still somehow manages to be rowdy and cheerful. She is nothing like most girls of her time and she is proud of it. I did find it kind of sad that she felt the need to be so "out there" in order to be seen. But Jericho proves that she was seen regardless of what she did.

I loved how everyone that was portrayed had different problems and abilities. I am still a little bit confused as to how Jericho is going to play into this in the second book. He isn't like the others but he is different.

Henry... Seriously. This book touches on homosexuality and I'm shocked it did giving the time period. But, hey, love has no bounds or time periods.

I am still trying to get a good clear picture of Naughty John in my head. He keeps changing back and forth from a "God" to a ghost with a walking stick.

I think Sam's story is going to involve everyone in the next book. With the ending and what Will pulled out of the book I definitely think the next book will show how they are all connected, hopefully.

I think James is still around too. I just have a funny feeling that he's going to pop up out of nowhere.
Libba Bray is so amazing with world building and character molding. I found myself imagining this world very easily and I adore that.

Overall, I gave the book 4/5 Kitties.


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