Monday, February 10, 2014

Mini Review Monday[3] Absent by Katie Williams

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Katie Williams

This book was fairly tiny. Only 180 pages I believe. But it was full of so much emotion and it always kept me guessing.

Paige was a fairly normal high school girl. She was a tad quirky but that is what made her unique. Her best friend Usha didn't seem like a very good friend after Paige died. But towards the end of the book Usha seemed to have turned around.

I love how this books shows that even after death people still talk about you, both good and bad. Unfortunately for Paige, it was bad. 

I felt that the "afterlife" of being stuck in the high school was crazy. Having to be stuck at seventeen and also be stuck watching other people get to grow up and graduate had to of been difficult. 

Lucas was a jerkbag. Brooke was a... I can't use that kind of language in a review. Evan was really cool and laid back and I'm so glad that he actually had a story as opposed to just being a sidenote character.

I liked the names for the different social groups. They were different from your average Prep, Jock, Nerd, Stoner, etc.

The ending shocked me! 

Overall I gave the book 4/5 Mini Kitties.


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