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REVIEW: Ashes To Ashes by Melissa Walker

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Title: Ashes To Ashes
Author: Melissa Walker
Format: Hardback
Source: Library
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books

REVIEW: Ashes to Ashes isn't a very UNIQUE book but I did semi-enjoy it nonetheless. This book is If I Stay by Gale Forman meets Everafter by Amy Huntley. I'm pretty sure there are plenty of other books that can be compared to this as well. But these are the two that I have read that stick out to me.

Callie was a very annoying an stuck in her own way type of character. Someone could tell her something a hundred times but she would still want to do it her own way. And it's that attitude that makes her a little unlikable. Well, that, plus the fact that she gets everything she wants because her mother is gone and blah blah blah.

It was so cliche that Callie would get a fancy new car and then die. Yeah, that sounds pretty cliche to me. Or at least predictable.

I did like Carsons character. She was bubbly and tried to make everything positive. She also never stopped believe the Callie would come back to them.

Nick was a jerk. And I really want to know who "H" is. I got the whole cheating bastard vibe from him and that was before the whole "H" situation happened. He let himself get into a horrible depressive slump and drank himself almost to death. I have no sympathy or compassion for him. If I was Callie I would continue to let him think the accident was entirely his fault. He deserves all of the guilt he feels.

I adored Thatcher. He was a brooding, lost soul it seemed. He spent his afterlife helping others achieve something he could not. That has to be a very depressing existence. And of course Callie never listens to him and gets herself in a lot of trouble with the poltergeist.

I know the poltergeist are a pretty big part of the book but I really have no feelings towards them. The only thing that bothered me enough to point out was the fact that Callie actually trusted Reena. Callie was extremely naive to not believe that they were using her for her extraordinary energy.

The reason I compared this book to Everafter by Amy Huntley is because of the Prism. It makes me think of the afterlife in Everafter. The book was also compared to the movie Ghost but the only part I see that could be compared is the moving of objects.

The concept of haunting in order to help your loved ones move on was an interesting idea. Normally, when you think of haunting, you think of something bad or scary. Not something peaceful and helpful.

I was so sad to see Thatcher go. I think he did the right thing in order to save Callie but now they are both suffering from losing each other. I am team Thatcher for this book. Nick is just scum.

The ending was rather predictable. I mean, come on, what other reason would Callie have to be this ultra uber special soul?

After sitting down and really thinking about everything in this book and trying to form this review, I had to go back and change my rating for this book. I hadn't realized just how much I disliked a lot of things about this book. I will read the second, and final, book just to see if the author tells us who "H" is but that is about the only reason I will read the book.

Overall, I gave the book 3/5 Kitties.


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