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Mini Review Monday[5] One of Those Hideous Books Where The Mother Dies by Sonya Sones

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One of Those Hideous Books Where The Mother Dies
Sonya Sones

The first thing I want to say about this book is... Colette... UGH! The main character of To Be Perfectly Honest first appears in this book. Sooo... Read this book first! I mean, you don't really NEED to read this book first but I would have been very happy knowing that this book was connected with another book.

With that being said, I loved this book just like all Sonya Sones other books. This woman knows how to write in verse and make it very informative. I think she captures teenagers very well even though these books are complete works of fiction.

Speaking of fiction. I was looking through some reviews of the book and they slightly enraged me. I saw people saying the story wasn't believable. DUH! It's a work of FICTION. I admit that the stories the author writes are completely out there and highly unbelievable but that's what makes them good.

The author also touches on a lot of controversial subjects. Dead mothers, gay fathers, virginity, drugs, etc.

I enjoyed all of the characters. Even though this book was written in verse the characters still had a lot of depth and the book was full of emotions.

I do think that Ruby was a little harsh on her father. She didn't know what his story was and it seemed like she was brainwashed by her mother.

I loved getting to meet Colette. I definitely didn't picture her like the way this book portrays her.

Lizzie and Ray are dicks. I don't think I can be any nicer about that. Ruby's mother JUST DIED and those two are only thinking about themselves. I can understand that maybe they were just missing Ruby so bad and they turned to each other for comfort but it's still beyond wrong.

I loved the ending. Whip turned out to not be the bad guy and Ruby finally allowed herself to move on and be happy. Plus Lizzie attempted to redeem herself.

Overall, I gave the book 4/5 MiniKitties.


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