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REVIEW: Perfect Ruin by Lauren DeStefano

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Title: Perfect Ruin
Author: Lauren DeStefano
Format: Hardback
Source: Giveaway
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

REVIEW: I have been sitting on this book review for a few months now. I have gone back and forth between what I liked and didn't like and I still am not sure how to go about doing this review. But here goes.

Upon starting this book I got the feeling that I was getting into something unlike anything I have ever read before. I was partially right. I also got the vibe of a reverse Jack and the Beanstalk. The humans are the ones stuck in the sky and we are trying to get down. The whole aspect of the book was very fairytale-ish.

Most of the characters in this book seemed like they were high to me, living on cloud 9, haha get it? They live on a cloud, oh whatever. They never questioned why they were so special that they lived on a chunk of earth ripped from the grown and thrust into the cloud. They just accepted life. That is a very unfortunate and sad way of living.

There were a few odd people who wanted more than Internment and attempted to jump only to be thrust back because of the high velocity of the winds.

I personally think EVERYONE should have been trying to get off this island in the clouds as opposed to just being content with what was going on.

I felt slightly bored throughout the book until the very end when all the real action started to happen. And when I say action what I really mean is a part that isn't entirely dull.

I loved the creativity of the book but I think it could have has a bit more action. A lot of bad things happened but they still felt dull. Oh this person died, pfft not a big deal. Zzzzz.

Out of everyone, Basil was probably my favorite character. Regardless of how insane or wacky Morgan was, Basil still stuck by her side. Even in the end when he had no legal reason to be attached to her he was still there.

I also get the feeling that the author is a tad bit obsessed with arranged marriages.

The writing was good and the world building was very unique but I found it hard to visualize Internment. The book made me feel like I was in old England where there is a king and if you didn't do what the king said then you ended up dead from unknown causes.

Overall, I gave the book 3/5 Kitties.


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