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Mini Review Monday[18] First Love by James Patterson and Emily Raymond

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Before I write this review I just have one question. What is up with all the cancer books? I understand that John Green is making a lot of money and getting fame from his book but why do people feel the need to copy that? Do they think they are going to get noticed too? I am just really sick of the same books over and over again by different authors.

With that said, First Love is the first EVER James Patterson book I have read. And I am not impressed. I know that he wrote the book with someone else but her name is so tiny on the cover that it kind of makes it seem like she was just there cheering him on.

The characters are very one dimensional. They don't seem like they would actually exist in the world and if they did no one would notice them.

Axi is supposed to be this "good girl" with a bad life. Alcoholic father, run away mother and dead sister. If she really had a life like that then there is no way she would be a "good girl" and she probably wouldn't have waited this long to get away.

Robinson is a "bad boy." Oh this story just keeps getting more cliche. He isn't a bad boy at all. I think he was just trying to keep Axi from falling for him because he knew he was sick. The stealing cars thing could also be a bucket list kind of thing because he knew he was sick. I truly didn't see and redeeming qualities in Robinson and I don't know what Axi saw.

The whole story felt like Axi already knew that Robinson was sick. She took him to all these places and she was ALL ABOUT HIM. But she apparently didn't know and I am having a hard time believing that with how the book was written.

This book should have just been a short story or something. Everything was drawn out and the book was STILL over very quickly. I think this book could have been summed up in less than fifty pages.

Needless to say, this "epic" love story fell so short that it didn't even make it to the window to start the jump.

Overall, I have the book 1/5 mini kitties.


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