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Publication Day Review: Mortal Danger by Ann Aquirre

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Title: Mortal Danger
Author: Ann Aquirre
Format: eBook and ARC paperback
Source: NetGalley & Trade
Publisher: Fiewel And Friends

Mortal Danger was a nice surprise. I was expecting a fantasy novel with all sorts of things I wouldn't understand but, instead, I got a private school type setting with fantasy and romance all jumbled together.

Let me first say that I love private school type books. I eat them up. And when I read a blurb for Mortal Danger I saw they it mentioned Blackbriar Academy so obviously I was interested. After the initial interest I also read that the book seemed to have a Deal With The Devil type aspect to it and that mixed with a private school had to be interesting, right?

Right! I will tell you that the first two chapters are kind of your average Joe Schmo chapters. But once I got through the beginning, which was the deal making scenes, I started flying through the book. Edie, Edith, is such an interesting character. It makes me very sad that she wasn't strong enough to stand up to the bullies at Blackbriar. But without her being so weak we never would have met Kian and thus resulting in no story at all.

Edie has essentially hit rock bottom. Or so she was about to before Kian showed up and saved her life. But he had ulterior motives. She had to basically make a deal with the devil in order to exact her revenge in the bullies who treated her like a dog... If you have read the book you should understand that pun.

Kian seems like a very lost and sad soul. He gave up his freedom in order to get a car, a new face, and to make some random girl fall in love with him. If you had three wishes that you gave up your freedom for what would they be? I know mine wouldn't be so frivolous. But desperation causes people to do terrible things. And Kian is now regretting his decisions both with his life and the life he has just given Edie.

I suspected Kian wasn't exactly on Edie's side entirely. I mean the people she wanted revenge on started ending up dead even though she rejected Wedderburn's offer. Kian was the only one around when she said horrible things she wanted to do to both Brittany and Russ and then they magically happened. So I was definitely weary of him.

I think it was beautiful of Edit to tell Kian she would have dated him before he wished to be beautiful. It just shows that someone will love you no matter what you look like. You just have to have the strength to get through the milestones in life that take you to where you belong. I also think it was heroic of Edie to use one of her wishes to keep Vi safe. I know that is exactly what Wedderburn wanted but Edie couldn't sit there and watch Vi go insane.

The fact that Edie's friendships with both Jen and Davina were based off of looks is entirely wrong. You shouldn't be friends with someone based on their looks. There are so many lessons to be learned from reading this book. I don't think real high school experiences are quite as terrible, at least mine wasn't, but being friends with someone due to looks, money, etc is fairly common.

In the end Edie didn't exactly "win" per say. She got out with her's and Kian's lives still intact but she will be hunted and have to live a harder life because of the path she took. I think it was really cool that she was so important in the future though. She followed in her parents footsteps and took their dreams a little bit further.

Overall, I gave the book 4/5 stars.


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