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Mini Review Monday[19] The In-Between by Barbara Stewart

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I bought The In Between because the synopsis made the book sound like a normal ghost book. And I like ghost books. Boy, gosh golly, was I wrong. Yeah, there is a ghostly aspect. But it is more of a psychological carousel ride straight to looney town. White jackets aren't optional.

Ellie is a weird girl. That is drilled into our heads within the first few pages. She is suicidal and depressed and doesn't fit in anywhere she goes. In my opinion, the fitting in is the least of her problems. Is she really seeing/feeling the ghost? Or is she bipolar? I still haven't figured that out yet.

After finishing the book and having some time to think on things, some stuff did become very clear to me. When her father tells her "You shouldn't even be here." and "Everything is temporary." it sort of clicked in my head that her father was actually a ghost. And the reason he breath smelled like ashes was because, well, he was a pile of ashes in the real world. Ellie was in some form of parallel universe where she was dead but when she was brought back to life the alternate place vanished, locking Madeline and her father over there. I think her father moved on but Madeline was spiteful and couldn't move on.

Do I think Ellie was bipolar? Not really. Do I think her consumed twin sisters ghost was trying to ruin her life? I'm not really sure about that either. All I know is that Ellie has issues and her mother didn't exactly help much.

One of the issues I had with the book is where are Ellies other relatives? Her grandparents? Aunts, uncles, cousins? No one else went to her fathers funeral and everything just seems a little undeveloped.

Autumn freaked me out a little big. She actually believed Ellie about the ghost crap. It's like Autumn was saying to herself "A friend that sees ghosts and beats the snot out of me with her backpack is better than no friend at all." She was a weird girl herself but she wasn't like Ellie. But then again, maybe she was and she hid it better. Who knows. Aside from the author, that is.

Overall, I gave the book 3.5/5 Mini Kitties.


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